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Traditional Stone Building & Lime Masonry

We all wonder around the old parts of Vabonne, Opio, Mougins villages etc and marvel at the beautiful stone built homes and buildings that provide that special atmosphere and character we all have come to love. These homes were built using stone and lime products and take advantage of the unique characteristics that these materials have so that the buildings cope with the heat in the summer and cold in the winter.

But due to age these structures also require increasing regular maintenance and other works to be undertaken.  Timbers in the roofs need replacement,  rusted gutters to be replaced with zinc or copper gutters etc. But  the most common  of the work is usually with the walls.  What many people are not aware of is that the materials and techniques used are different from the modern alternatives.

For the interior, special lime plasters are available and for the exterior , special lime based renders with a natural or coloured finish. These lime based materials  ensure that the building walls maintain the natural  breathability that is the basis of its proper function.  In addition to the wall materials, it is important that the insulation materials and paints  used are compatible.

Finally, in many of these buildings and homes, instead of using concrete for the floors, the lime based alternative of LIMECRETE is used to match the performance of the other components. Underfloor heating can be installed with Limecrete.

Many people in the past have inadvertently used cement based products  because they have used contractors  with little or no experience with the special techniques and materials to be used. In doing so, they have compromised the performance of the building components and sometimes magnified the problems.

We at DecoBuild have artisans experienced in the special techniques such as  stone pointing, lime based coloured renders and plasters etc compatible with the age of the buildings. Furthermore we are experienced in dealing with the various authorities and know the process and requirements for approval of the relevant permit applications. These tend to be strict as the authorities understandably, not only wish to maintain and preserve the character of their old village buildings but want to ensure that the proper materials are being used to sustain them over time.

If you do own one of these special stone buildings and do need  advice on what work is required, contact us for a technical and cost proposal.

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